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Wherever you are on life's journey, we'd love to help you look good and feel good about yourself as you're making that next milestone.

Whatever vicissitudes life throws at us at different stages, we all long to feel good about ourselves and who we are. As we mature; ageing, stress and even the good times will leave a mark on our faces.

Maybe we'd like to return to a time when we were more carefree or confident about our appearance, or do something for ourselves that gives us a boost.

I was asked to interpret Tagliacozzi's famous quote during my interview for the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery program. I chose to tell a story to illustrate my point.

It was the story of one of my many breast reconstruction patients. I would see the patient the night before and run through the details of their operation with them. This particular patient was a grandmother in her 60's, and she was about to have a 6 hour operation to give her a breast as she'd had a mastectomy. After 45 minutes of explaining the technical details of the operation, I could tell there was still something on her mind.

"Doctor, do you think I'm silly going through this big operation to get a breast at my age?" she said.

She needed permission to do something so she could feel good about herself again.

In her case, it's not about a breast reconstruction .

It's about not having to wear a bothersome prosthesis in her bra or go flat chested.

It's about not being reminded every day that she had breast cancer.

And it's about feeling feminine again.

- Dr Wendy Wong

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