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Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Talk to Dr Wendy Wong about how non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment for your frown and forehead can help widen your eyes and lift your eyebrows.

Whatever the reason, many of my clients who request to have their frown treated are very happy with the results afterward. They report feeling more relaxed and at ease; and their appearance changes for the better. Others interact with them in a more positive way.

Anti-wrinkle injections are priced at $15 per unit

Dr Wendy has worked with all three commercially available muscle relaxant used in Australia.  She has chosen to work with the original muscle relaxant first made available in 1995 for medical and aesthetic use and is still one of the 3 most popular muscle relaxants in use today.  Dr Wendy has helped many patients with both chronic pain and aesthetic concerns with judicious use of muscle relaxant injections.

Case Study

After treating her frown and gummy smile with muscle relaxant, her Botticelli proportions are unveiled. Botticelli's 'Angels' were typified by oval faces, large almond eyes with defined high tarsal creases, arched eyebrows, smooth foreheads and pert lips. His most famous painting is the Birth of Venus which now hangs in the Uffizi Gallery.

Brisbane Anti Wrinkle Injections

All cosmetic procedures carry some risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. Before proceeding with anti-wrinkle injections, you should discuss your particular situation with Dr Wendy Wong.

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