A beautiful smile is accepted anywhere in the world

Dr Wong offer options for correcting or altering the appearance of an excessively gummy smile as well as individualised lip filler treatments to bring out your golden ratio proportions

What’s in a smile?

My philosophy is not just about lips; it’s about how your smile enhances your personality and what emotions you convey

It takes 8 paired muscles around your mouth to chew, speak, kiss and finally...Smile

Judicious use of dermal filler and/or anti-wrinkle toxin can either enhance a pleasing smile or transform the negative messages from a gummy smile or ageing face

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Brisbane Lip Fillers

Form & Function: The Golden Ratio
The golden ratio (symbol is the Greek letter "phi") is a special number approximately equal to 1.618. Our perception of physical beauty is based on how closely the features of one’s face reflect the golden ratio in their proportions

According to the golden ratio theory, perfect lips are when the bottom lip is 1.6 times thicker than the top lip. Because the golden ratio is found so often in nature, it is considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Click here to read a landmark paper by Leonard Rubin MD on the anatomy of a smile

In the example shown below, 0.2 ml of a dermal filler has been skilfully placed to create the golden ratio in this patient's lips

We find the golden ratio when we divide a line into two parts so that:
the whole length divided by the long part is also equal to the long part divided by the short part.
BEFORE: her ratio is 0.5+1= 1.5 (close, but not quite the Golden Proportion)
AFTER: her ratio is a+b is 0.6+1.0= 1.6 (The Golden Proportion!)

Dermal fillers are priced from $650/mL (package discounts may apply)

Before dermal filler

After dermal filler

Brisbane Lift Correction
(Gummy Smile Treatment)

A smile will usually be perceived as 'gummy' when more than 4 mm of gum tissue shows

In the example shown, 4 units of muscle relaxant were used to fix excessive gingival show, otherwise known as 'gummy smile'. At rest, there is no lengthening of her upper lip

Muscle relaxant injections are priced from $15 per unit

View more real Before & Afters  in our gallery
View more real Before & Afters in our gallery

Immediate results after 2ml of dermal filler used to myo-modulate gummy smile for a long lasting & natural result with aesthetic enhancement of the rest of the face. Less than 10% of filler was put in the lip to correct mild asymmetry. Results are seen right away and may last up to 2 years.

View more real Before & Afters in our gallery

In the video below, the patient’s left side has been treated with immediate affect to lower the gum. The right side is still untreated.

This differs significantly from the traditional approach using muscle freezing injections as onset is visible immediately and is a single long lasting treatment which doesn’t need to be repeated every 3 months. However this injection requires precise placement and may carry high risk of vascular occlusion to get it right.

Immediately after 1ml of dermal filler was used to correct gummy smile. No filler was placed in the lips

View more real Before & Afters in our gallery



All cosmetic procedures carry some risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. Before proceeding with lip fillers or gum lift correction, you should discuss your particular situation with Dr Wendy Wong

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